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Champion Waterproofing, Inc. Offers Basement Wall Supports in Pittsburgh and Monroeville, PA

For an experienced bowed wall specialist serving Pittsburgh and Monroeville, PA, trust the experts at Champion Waterproofing, Inc. Whether you are looking to prevent water damage, or have noticed it already happening, we can help. At Champion Waterproofing, Inc., we offer comprehensive strategies and products to protect your home or business. Water damage in your basement can lead to foundation deterioration and bowing walls. These can lead to structural concerns to your Pittsburgh or Monroeville, PA, home or business. Champion Waterproofing, Inc. offers waterproofing of your basement, crawl space, and home, as well as basement wall support and repairs.

Contact us online today or by calling (724) 523-6800 to schedule a free estimate for basement waterproofing today. The award winning Champion Waterproofing, Inc. offers financing options, as well as a lifetime guarantee. We stand by our products so if you were to sell your home the warranty transfers to the new owner.

Signs You Need Our Technicians to Perform Bowing Wall Repair

Even though it might be hard to notice a bowing wall, it is a sign of a weakening structure. Its usual cause is external stresses on the foundation. If untreated, bowing walls will lead to more costly repairs. Signs that you need to contact Champion Waterproofing, Inc. right away for repairs are:

  • Horizontal or Stair-Step Cracking Along the Foundation Walls
  • Foundation Walls Inward Bowing or Bulging Along the Walls
  • Walls Sliding Inwards on the Bottom (Shearing or Shelving)
  • Walls Leaning in at the Top
  • Above Ground Brick Displacement
  • Sticking Doors and Windows Upstairs

Cracked Walls Fixed in Pittsburgh and Monroeville, PA, by Professionals

A crack along your home or business wall may look concerning, but a fix is available. There are several factors that might lead to smaller fractures. Significant structural deterioration is frequently represented by wider cracks, which can have catastrophic consequences. The crack is just a symptom of a larger issue. The professionals at Champion Waterproofing, Inc. will ensure the heart of the problem is corrected. Whether you live in Pittsburgh or Monroeville, PA, or the surrounding area, contact us right away for a free estimate. Help protect against one of the most common causes for foundation wall cracks in Pittsburgh and Monroeville, PA with a bowed wall specialist.

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