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For an experienced wet basement specialist serving Greensburg, PA, and Western Pennsylvania, contact Champion Waterproofing, Inc. We are proud to have won the Pittsburgh Tribune Reader’s Choice Award 30 times. One of the first steps you can take to protect your home from moisture is to waterproof your foundation. Issues with the foundation can be quite problematic because it is the base of your home. Cracks, sinking, and other problems need to be fixed immediately, along with any flooding or leaking issues before they progress. Your foundation will retain its strength and avoid crumbling or cracking if you keep it dry. We can determine which of the many waterproofing techniques is the most beneficial for your property. Call Champion Waterproofing, Inc. at (724) 523-6800. Or contact us online to schedule a free estimate in Irwin or Greensburg, PA or surrounding areas.

Trust our Experts to Install Home Drainage Systems in Greensburg, PA

One of the most eco-friendly home drainage systems for Greensburg, PA, homes is the internal French drain. If water has already made it into the home, a submersive pressure relief pump will pump the water out and away from the home. The submersive pressure relief pump will automatically turn on when water reaches a certain level. These submersive pressure relief pumps are beneficial for homes in flood-prone areas.

Protect Your Investment with Commercial Waterproofing in Greensburg, PA

It is not just your home that needs protection from water damage. We can also help waterproof your commercial building. Our exceptional commercial waterproofing services at Champion Waterproofing, Inc. can guarantee the long-term sturdiness and resilience of your building. Our technicians have the expertise, know-how, and dedication to client satisfaction you deserve.

Waterproofing your building not only protects your building but also your inventory and employees. When moisture seeps through your walls or foundation it can cause water damage, mold, mildew, and an off-putting smell. This can lead to money lost. It can also create health issues for employees and possible legal action against them. Safeguard your property and business in Greensburg, PA, and Western Pennsylvania today with a wet basement specialist.

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